P10 - Quantum Simulations with Trapped Ions

Christian Roos


Trapped atomic ions are a powerful system to develop quantum simulators capable of tackling open questions in science and technology. Key strengths of trapped-ion quantum spin simulators, in particular, are the ability to engineer a broad range of interactions and to allow precise control and readout of each individual spin. Very recent results demonstrating full control over 20-spin trapped-ion simulators, and signatures of quantum dynamics in 50-spin systems with limited control show that this research line is on the verge of controlled-access to quantum dynamics beyond the reach of conventional computers and therefore break new scientific ground. The long-term goals and visions of our project are (i) to scale up the systems to more than 50 fully addressable qubits, (ii) to develop methods for the characterization and verification of these systems, (iii) to demonstrate quantum operations beyond classical capabilities, and (iv) to answer open research questions concerning quantum many-body systems.


Subproject Leader: Christian Roos

Co-PI: Rainer Blatt, Ben Lanyon

PostDoc: Manoj Joshi

PhD students: Christine Maier, Florian Kranzl

PhD: Tiffany Brydges, Christine Maier

Open Positions:

1. PostDoc-Position:
- for further information please write to christian.roos@oeaw.ac.at

2. PhD-Position:
- for further information please write to christian.roos@oeaw.ac.at