P05 - Integrating Superconducting Quantum Circuits

Johannes Fink


Superconducting processors offer fast clock speeds and a promising potential for scalability, but even with state of the art gate fidelities an excessive overhead of physical qubits is required to encode each single logical qubit. Our long-term goal is to lay the scientific foundation of a highly integrated chip-based quantum computer hardware that is ready for both, fast local processing and long-distance quantum communication. The first 4 years will be dedicated to improving single and few qubit properties and to study the interaction and dynamics of medium-scale integrated quantum circuits. In the first part we will investigate new directions to reduce the circuit size without compromising coherence by employing new types of substrates, fabrication technology and circuit designs. In the second part we will investigate the potential of collective multi-qubit states for analog quantum simulation, sensing and quantum annealing. Towards the end of the reporting period we plan to use the developed qubit hardware as a non-classical resource in long-distance fiber optic
quantum networks.

PI Johannes Fink on
Integrating Superconducting Quantum Circuits


Subproject Leader: Johannes Fink

PostDoc: Martin Zemlicka

PhD Student: Matilda Peruzzo, Riya Sett

Admins: Eszter Toth-Adlovits


Electro-optic entanglement source for microwave to telecom quantum state transfer
A.R. Rueda Sanchez, W.J. Hease, S. Barzanjeh, J.M. Fink
Npj Quantum Information 5 (2019)

Other publications:

Stationary Entangled Radiation from Micromechanical Motion
S. Barzanjeh, E. S. Redchenko, M. Peruzzo, M. Wulf, D. P. Lewis, G. Arnold and J. M. Fink.
Nature 570, 480–483 (2019)

Al transmon qubits on silicon-on-insulator for quantum device integration
A. J. Keller, P. B. Dieterle, M. Fang, B. Berger, J. M. Fink, O. Painter
Applied Physics Letters 111, 042603 (2017)

Observation of the photon-blockade breakdown phase transition
J. M. Fink, A. Dombi, A. Vukics, A. Wallraff, P. Domokos
Physical Review X 7, 011012 (2017)

Dressed collective qubit states and the Tavis-Cummings model in circuit QED
J. M. Fink, R. Bianchetti, M. Baur, M. Göppl, L. Steffen, S. Filipp, P. J. Leek, A. Blais, A. Wallraff
Physical Review Letters 103, 083601 (2009)

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Open Positions:

1. PostDoc-Position:
- experience in superconducting circuits
- for further information please check quantumids.com