After two decades of intensive experimental and theoretical research in quantum science, we have now reached a new era of quantum technologies. Several scenarios have been identified for which quantum information processing outperforms its classical analogue. Moreover, various implementations have demonstrated reliable control and operation of around ten qubits. Despite these efforts and advances, we are still very far away from a full-fledged quantum device mastering several thousand qubits.


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The Walther-Group has published a new paper in npj Quantum Information!


The summer school is jointly organized with the Harvard Physics Department, as part of the MPHQ collaboration, as well as together with the SFB...


In cooperation with the Joint Annual ÖPG-SPG Meeting in Innsbruck


In the video series, PhD candidates of the Vienna Doctoral Schools talk about the burning questions that they investigate, allow you to look over...


New Paper from the Walther-Group out in ScienceAdvances!


Research of the Brukner- and Walther-Group has been featured in the Quanta Magazine!

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