ParityQC – New Spin-off from Innsbruck


The University of Innsbruck’s quest for quantum computing has become one facet richer. With the new spin-off “ParityQC”, the scientists want to set new standards in quantum optimization.

ParityQC is based on the preparatory work of the University of Innsbruck and the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Specifically, this is the “Parity Quantum Computing Architecture”, which is ideally suited for programming so-called quantum bits for optimization problems. A novelty in this area as it is compatible with all current hardware platforms (atoms, transomns, KPOs, ion-arrays,...) and both methods (digital and analog quantum computing). This architecture will be further enhanced by the software suite called ParityOS. ParityOS is a platform that delivers compiler, optimized algorithms and hardware parameter optimization automatically.

Wolfgang Lechner and Magdalena Hauser are the managing directors of ParityQC. Although they want the company to operate from Innsbruck, the company will play a role in the international market, they explained.

The spin-off has a strong connection to the research group of Wolfgang Lechner at the University of Innsbruck. The connection to the SFB BeyondC is crucially important for ParityQC as the goal of developing quantum computers that go beyond classical capabilities is a main driving force for the spin-off.

For more about the creation of the company, read the story from Der Standard.

For more information about the ParityQC, please visit their website.


Photo: ParityQC

Photo: ParityQC