Paper by SFB PI Hans J. Briegel in Physical Review 50th Anniversary Milestone Collection


Paper by Robert Raussendorf, Daniel E. Browne, and Hans J. Briegel “Measurement-based quantum computation on cluster states” published in Physical Review A 68, 022312 (2003) was selected by the editors of Physical Review A for inclusion in their 50th Anniversary Milestone collection.

Almost 20 years ago Hans J. Briegel and his doctoral student Robert Raussendorf presented the concept for a measurement based quantum computer. The scientific journal Physical Review A has now chosen the elaboration of this concept from 2003 as one of the 26 most important contributions in the fifty-year history of the journal.

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Die Verschränkungsstruktur eines großen Quantenprozessors aus Licht. (Credit: Shota Yokoyama)