IMPRS-MPHQ-BeyondC online Summer School 2021


The summer school is jointly organized with the Harvard Physics Department, as part of the MPHQ collaboration, as well as together with the SFB BeyondC.

One of the main objectives of this joint event is to foster networking and promote collaboration. Thus, the program includes many interactive sessions, social activities, posters and PhD presentations.

The scientific program will focus on the topics of  NISQ Era Quantum Computing and Topological Phases in Quantum Gases.

Invited speakers include
- Prof. Monika Aidelsburger (LMU)
- Prof. Nathan Goldman (ULB)
- Prof. John Martinis (UCSB)
- Prof. Irfan Siddiqi (UC Berkeley)
- Prof. Nathan Wiebe (UW)

To round up the program, we will organize an industry session and soft skills training: a webinar on the topic of mental health with Dr. Desiree Dickerson, and a talk on how to build a strong working relationship with the PhD supervisor by Dr. Martin Fladerer.

Register here until June 10 - Find out more!