60 Years of the Laser


The 16th of May offers many reasons for celebration: the 60th anniversary of the laser, the international day of light, and the 25th jubilee of the famous idea of Ignacio Cirac and Peter Zoller on how to build a quantum computer with ion traps.

At lightning speed the MPQ PR department, the MCQST Office, and the PhotonLab have amidst the current situation come up with an alternative ways to celebrate this day online.

11th of May until 14th of May you can discover one of the MPQ divisions through live lab tours.

On Friday, 15th of May you can watch a live interview featuring Ignacio Cirac (Director of the Theory Group) and Flore Kunst (Postdoc researcher in the Theory Group). 

On Saturday, the 16th of May they have prepared a series of live public talks on the MPQ YouTube channel on fascinating topics offered by Immanuel Bloch, Ignacio Cirac, and Ioachim Pupeza. The day will start with an introduction to the Basics of Quantum Science offered by Silke Stähler Schöpf from the PhotonLab.

  • 11th - 14th of May, 5 pm CET: A series of lab tours at MPQ, broadcasted live on Instagram TV under @MaxPlanckQuantum
  • 15th of May, 5 pm CET: Discussion by Ignacio Cirac and Flore Kunst on their fascination about the quantum world, broadcasted live on Instagram TV under @MaxPlanckQuantum
  • 16th of May on the MPQ YouTube channel
    • 11 am CET: The fundamentals of light - an introduction with Silke Stähler Schöpf from the Photonlab (approx. 45 minutes) - GERMAN only
    • 12 pm CET: Online Quiz part I
    • 1 pm CET: Lunch break
    • 2 pm CET: Talk: Immanuel Bloch about the basic principles of quantum physics - ENGLISH only
    • 3 pm CET: Talk: Ignacio Cirac about quantum computers - ENGLISH only
    • 4 pm CET: Talk: Ioachim Pupeza about the symphony of molecules -  ENGLISH only
    • 5 pm CET: Online Quiz part II

To keep up to date with interesting activities of MCQST, MPQ and PhotonLab, please check their social media platforms:

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