P01 Coordination Project

Philip Walther


P02 Models of quantum learning and computing

Hans-Jürgen Briegel


P03 Causality in quantum information

Caslav Brukner


P04 Quantum information protocols with limited resources

Ignacio Cirac


P05 Integrating superconducting quantum circuits

Johannes Fink


P06 Quantum information processing and quantum simulation
with superconducting quantum circuits

Gerhard Kirchmair


P07 Entanglement as tool in quantum information processing

Barbara Kraus


P08 Quantum optimization

Wolfgang Lechner


P09 Quantum information processing with trapped ions

Thomas Monz


P10 Quantum simulations with trapped ions

Christian Roos


P12 Tensor networks and quantum circuits for quantum computers

Frank Verstraete


P13 Photonic quantum computing

Philip Walther


P14 Integrated quantum photonics

Gregor Weihs